The Wolf Adapter for the ATARI 7800

Have you ever wanted to use your Atari Jaguar controllers on an Atari 7800 well now you can!

There is a new open-source project called The Wolf Adatper which provides a DIY solution to use an Atari Jaguar (or Super Nintendo) controller to emulate a keypad or joystick controller for Atari 2600 and 7800 systems.

As many more homebrew games for the Atari 2600 and 7800 systems require more buttons this project could be the answer gamers and developers are looking for.

As the Atari Jaguar controller has a keypad this could give developers opportunity to add controller overlays which could add collectability to 7800 games in any collection, as personally when playing Atari Jaguar games such as Alien Vs Predator and Doom you can't beat a good keypad overlay to help with your journey such as changing weapons, on-screen map or changing the view point, imagine how useful this could be for RPG based games selecting items/maps/magic for ease of use on your adventure.

Saying that the Atari Jaguar Controller keypad could also help when thinking about porting 8-bit micro-computer games to the Atari 7800 due to replacing/re-mapping the keyboard with the Atari Jaguar keypad. 

This is a positive move making it easier for gamers and developers to play and develop their much loved micro-computer games or new homebrew titles.

Here are links to the project:

The source of this information was provided to me from a member of the Atari Age forums to get more and more people aware of this project and get the support it needs.

Being new to this community its great to get a heads up with what is going on in the scene, when I can I will share information here.

Oh if you're wondered why Wolf from the Gladiators UK is featured on the image, that's because whenever I hear the name Wolf I think of remember back to those good old days :)