Atari Jaguar UK Preview Booklet

This is quite cool - it's a UK-specific preview booklet for the Jaguar. How do I know it's UK-specific? Because I'm a genius, that's how. I also have eyes, and I can see the £ signs on the pages, and the back cover lists all of the UK locations that a Jaguar could be purchased. Furthermore, I'm from the UK and in 1997 I bought a Jaguar controller from one of the stores listed.

It was the Silica store in Debenhams' Manchester branch, in case you wondered - incidentally the same place I got my first Dreamcast in November 1999, fact fans. Anyhow, thanks to Nathan from Every Bit Gaming for this booklet. There are some notable inclusions here, as page 6 features World Tour Racing when it was still known simply as 'F1-Racer,' and there's a preview of Mortal Kombat 3. I'm pretty sure that image isn't from a Jaguar build...but who knows (it isn't).
Lotta love for the Jag in Glasgow...
On page 4 you'll also find an interesting 'upcoming games' list with some intriguing entries: Gotcha!, Starlight Bowl A-Rama, and Highlander 3 chief amongst them. Scans of every one of the 8 pages are below and feel free to copy them for your own ends if you like, I literally don't care.

Click the little camera icon in the bottom left of the gallery and choose 'direct image link' for full screen images that can be saved.