DOOM II never came to the Jaguar, which - as stated in the video below - is a bit of a surprise when you think about it. DOOM is easily one of the most celebrated games for Atari's final system and DOOM II would undoubtedly have sold tonnes if it had been released for the platform. Happily, a fan project did bring DOOM II to the Jag in a fashion - a couple of different ROM hacks (called V98 and AC2011) were posted online by fans a couple of years back and now I've had the opportunity to sample V98 for myself.
According to this thread at Atari Age, the differences between these two variants is limited to the levels contained in each, and there is no 'complete' version of DOOM II for the Jaguar that contains all of the levels from the PC game. This is disappointing but with hindsight, the Jag does chug somewhat when dealing with some of the levels contained in the version I I dread to think how slow it could potentially get with some of the really adventurous and sprawling later levels thrown into the mix.
The real differences here between the other console ports I own - apart from the slightly simplified levels - is the omission of the super shotgun and a large proportion (that is: all) of the newer DOOM II enemies being left out; but seeing as this is really only a fan hack of the original game, it can easily be forgiven. Missing textures, missing weapons, missing levels and simplified architecture aside, while DOOM II lasts it is every bit as fun as you remember it being. The people behind this hack have my utmost respect and gratitude. I hope you enjoy the video:

The screens in the video of the 'other' version of DOOM II are actually from the Dreamcast home-brew port, but that is basically the CC version...but you get the idea!


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