Xeno Crisis For the Atari Jaguar?! It could happen

There has been quite alot of talk in regards to games being ported onto the Atari Jaguar of the years and Xeno Crisis seems to crop up more often than not or simlar games to it.

So we know that Bitmap Bureau's Xeno Crisis has appeared on the Evercade, Mega Drive, Neo Geo and the Sega Dreamcast so if the game can run on the 16-bit Sega Mega Drive then why not have it on the Atari 64-bit console.

The AtariAge forums have mentioned that this could be done if a dev has knowledge of Sega's 32X as it is quite simlar when developing games so wouldn't it be great to have another incredible title appearing on the Atari Jaguar.

When it comes to ports and homebrews, I'm always interested to see how they play and also what games they can get to run on systems that we could never of thought they would of been released on.

On the Atari Age forums there are some great work showing Atari ST games being ported over so the community is still looking at ways to bring games that never appeared on the Jaguar over to the console.

Would you buy a copy of Xeno Crisis if it made it's way to the Atari Jaguar do you think it could happen or even run at all? Let us know in the comments your thoughts.


  1. Now that ATARI is using Digital Eclipse's, Eclipse Engine, and will likely add this to the VCS as its - the VCS - native emulator, the market for new Jaguar games' will increase.
    Hopefully this will encourage current, and potentially new Javuar developers to publish new games for the hardware.
    ATARI XP may also publish new physical - and digital - media for the Jag/Jag CD too.
    Exciting times for ATARI.

    1. That's great news. Been interested in the VCS, is it worth jumping into?

  2. It's quite good actually.
    It would be cool to see some reviews of the newest games for the ATARI Jaguar here.
    There's also lots of excellent new games in developmemt from Phoboz, and Reboot games - features on these would also be great for this page.

    Yoh should also try and find-out any information regarding the Eclipse Engine, as this is a game-changer for the Jaguar scene.

    Also, check-out the OpenLara thread on AtariAge, to see Tomb Raider 'running' on an ATARI Jaguar - all great features for this page.

    1. Thank you Mike5, yes I've seen the OpenLara theard on the AtariAge form, very interesting indeed. Will also check out the other points you've mentioned and plan to review/feature some of the newer games for the ATARI Jaguar here soon, just finding my feet as a new editor of this site/blog

  3. This is a link to the campaign to get XenoCrisis for the ATARI Jaguar: