Doom : Slayer Edition - Atari Jaguar


If like me you're a fan of the classic FPS game DOOM and when playing it on the Atari Jaguar you noticed one major thing missing, that's right there is no rockin' background music to keep your adrenaline pumping well that's all about to change!

Over at ZeroPage Homebrew they will be showcasing the World Premire of Doom : Slayer Edition which boasts a completely revamped version of the classic game. With in game music an added cheat menu and now being able to support the Pro-Controller.

Many people have said version of Doom the Jaguar owers got was one of the best ports/versions out there and now with these and much more content being included in Doom : Slayer Edition this looks to even better itself

Doom: Slayer Edition by WelshWorrier / Rik Day  / Lawrence Staveley  / Saturn  / Matt Smith 

For more information visit the Atari Age link here

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