I realise I've already done a comparison of DOOM (it should always be capitalised!) on the Jag and the 3DO, but I thought this game deserved it's own mini review/blurb. Along with Alien Vs Predator and Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM is a first person shooter. Actually, it's the first person shooter - the one everyone refers to when trying to describe a game in a similar vein ("it's a DOOM game!") even to this day. The story is the usual guff you've heard multiple times before - you're lone space marine battling against hoards of daemons in a remote outpost on Mars or something. It's pretty thin, but that didn't stop Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson starring in a film version a few years ago. Hmmm.

Actually, I must admit that I quite like the film and it's action sequences...but that's hardly relevant here (if indeed anywhere). I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that every other console version of DOOM is based on the Jaguar version's code, simply because it was coded by John Carmack himself and not palmed off onto a third party developer (see the Sega Saturn version or further info!). I may be wrong, but that tidbit stuck in my mind for some reason. Anyhow, Jaguar DOOM is pretty special. It lacks some of the textures and levels of the PC version, but it's pretty much a completely faithful conversion - save for the music...which is something to do with either cartridge space or CPU clock cycles (no-one really seems to have a definitive answer), but the fact remains that Jaguar DOOM has no music (except in the end of level summary screens, oddly).

Personally, I get around this by plugging one of the audio leads into the 3DO and have the music running off the CD. It works seamlessly and one of the best reasons for owning both a Jag and a 3DO!

So DOOM on the Jag then: pretty awesome and every Jag owner should have it.

Robert Prince: Should've tried harder. 


  1. Lack of music isn't because of cartridge space. The songs are included in the cartridge!

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