DOOM: Jaguar Vs 3DO

With the Jaguar CD added to it, the Jaguar was probably a more capable machine than the 3DO, but without it I have my doubts. The 3DO had a lot of fully textured 3D games while the Jag's 3D efforts were a little on the basic side and that more than likely had something to do with limited cartridge size. Hey, I never professed to be an expert on these things! That being said, there are some exceptions to the rule, and DOOM is one such exception. That it was obviously more to do with poor programming than technical specs that made 3DO DOOM such a shocking travesty is irrelevant - the Jaguar port wipes the floor with it in almost every respect apart from the soundtrack...and here's the proof in the form of a little video I knocked up:

Again, the lack of music in the Jaguar port is my only criticism, and the reasons for it are often cited as either a lack of space on the cart, lack of development time, or that the Jaguar couldn't handle the processing of both music and visuals concurrently due to the clock speed of the processors. The music is in there - you can hear it during the mission results screens - but for whatever reasons it doesn't play during the main game. You could do what I do and plug one of the sound cables into the 3DO and play the Jag version with the 3DO as an audioslave, but I digress. The difference between the two versions is clear as night and day - Jag DOOM is full screen, smooth, fast and fluid. The 3DO port is windowed, jerky and virtually unplayable in places due to the frame rate. My advice: play Jag DOOM. Use the 3DO for something else like The Need For Speed!

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