Special Needs

Electronic Arts never supported the Jag, but allegedly there was a version of The Need For Speed planned for the Jaguar CD. We Jaguar appreciators can only imagine what it would have looked and played like, but my best guess is that it would more than likely have been a port of the brilliant 3DO game. The Jaguar with the CD unit could almost certainly have handled a conversion of some kind judging by the other texture-mapped games available (mainly Hover Strike Unconquered Lands), and even then if the hardware hadn't been able to cope with a direct port, maybe a cut-down one could have been produced. Obviously, this is all pie in the sky now but it's interesting to speculate about these things...right?! For no reason other than my own lamentable entertainment requirements, I've done a fairly crap mock-up of what the Jaguar (hypothetical, impossible to achieve cart version's) box would possibly have looked like:

A cart version would probably have looked more like Club Drive and had static screens with text instead of cool videos, so the Jaguar CD would have been the more popular choice of hardware for obvious reasons...but it's make believe so it doesn't really matter. Now excuse me while I go shoot some flying pigs.

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