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  1. Hi,

    Nice site and I, along with a number of other people, appreciate you supporting the awesome Jaguar! I got here via the Retro Video Gaming forum where there are a number of fellow enthusiasts. May I suggest you add them to your list of Jag Resources. You will find us all here:

    1. Hi Keith, thanks very much for the kind words and for reading! I've checked out retrovideogamer and it's a fantastic site - I'll add a link asap. If you have any other suggestions or recommended links, let me know. Thanks again!

  2. Will do. I just saw one of your posts on RVG, good to see you joined and I noticed you had added their link to the list. I am a big believer in share and share alike, you have a great site here and I hope many more people will join. Good luck!

  3. Hello I am the Game Collector and I am trying to review every Atari Jaguar game on youtube. I only have 4 to go so I need help getting the word out. Feel free to share my vids, thank you :)

  4. The channel name is Second Opinion Games. maybe check out the battle sphere gold review

  5. Hi... you have the atari jaguar official gamer´s guide wolfeinstein3d to PC???

  6. Seeing as Gravactic Mines, Last Strike, Asteroids, and the upcoming Jumping into Shadows, maybe you should consider restarting this page.
    The Jaguar's going to have a BIG 2022.

    #openlara #atarijaguar