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  1. Hi,

    Nice site and I, along with a number of other people, appreciate you supporting the awesome Jaguar! I got here via the Retro Video Gaming forum where there are a number of fellow enthusiasts. May I suggest you add them to your list of Jag Resources. You will find us all here:

    1. Hi Keith, thanks very much for the kind words and for reading! I've checked out retrovideogamer and it's a fantastic site - I'll add a link asap. If you have any other suggestions or recommended links, let me know. Thanks again!

  2. Will do. I just saw one of your posts on RVG, good to see you joined and I noticed you had added their link to the list. I am a big believer in share and share alike, you have a great site here and I hope many more people will join. Good luck!

  3. Hello I am the Game Collector and I am trying to review every Atari Jaguar game on youtube. I only have 4 to go so I need help getting the word out. Feel free to share my vids, thank you :)

  4. The channel name is Second Opinion Games. maybe check out the battle sphere gold review

  5. Hi... you have the atari jaguar official gamer´s guide wolfeinstein3d to PC???

  6. Seeing as Gravactic Mines, Last Strike, Asteroids, and the upcoming Jumping into Shadows, maybe you should consider restarting this page.
    The Jaguar's going to have a BIG 2022.

    #openlara #atarijaguar

  7. The upcoming ATARI 50th Anniversary Collection will feature Jaguar emulation using the Eclipse Engine.
    ATARI XP's first three-releases' are also available for download from the VCS store. So far ATARI has released 2600 games, but this model would also work for the Jaguar and any of ATARI's legacy consoles/computers.
    This would allow indie developers to enjoy a wider audience, and also help to maintain the manufacture and release of new physical games for these legendary systems.
    I think that the Eclipse Engine will be beneficial to Jaguar development and gaming, as the hardware to play it is now out of most peoples price range.
    All would make great articles here.

    Sone interviews with current Jaguar developers, and reviews of their games would also be excellent.