Like A Virgin

OK, so I didn't create this (don't worry, there are more extremely shoddily edited gameplay videos coming this very week - Joy!), but I just wanted to share it with the handful of people who have accidentally stumbled upon my little shrine to all things Jag.

I followed these guys on Twitter (@bit_jag in case you're interested) and took a look at their website, Jag Corner. Basically, they're a group of programmers who are in the process of developing several new games for the Jag. They also have the following video up on the site and on Youtube - JagVirgin - where they invite a 'Jag Virgin' to play a Jaguar for the first time and film their reaction. It's a great idea and I've experienced the same thing myself when friends have come to my house, seen the Jag under the TV next to the Xbox360 and quizzically asked what it was and if they could have a go.

I think the Jag Corner guys have hit on something great here, but I think I'd have started the video by showing off Club Drive rather than the Jag's most visually impressive title...but that's just me.

So here it is, episode 1 of JagVirgin. Enjoy!

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