Just got an Atari Jaguar in 2022

Hi there, my name is James and I have just got myself an Atari Jaguar so the normal thing to do is shout about it and look around for forums and communities to be a part of.

So if you're wondered why I'm here instead of Tom, well Tom has kindly let me do some articles for this blog seeing as there hasn't been a post on here since 2016 I thought I could bring some fresh Jag eyes to the arena.

I've worked with Tom in the past with The Dreamcast Junkyard scene and I'm still part of the admin team there, I've done a few videos for their YT channel and can be found retweeting and liking their Twitter posts plus getting involved in all things Dreamcast.

As for the Jaguar, be expected to see lots my posts in relation to my first impressions of the console, reviews of games, discussions on homebrew and ports and also hearing from the community.

I've also joined the AtariAge community and can say I have been welcomed with open arms which is great.

The first game I've purchased to test is checkered flag, yes I know already people may say it's not the best place to start but if I would have purchased the console back in the day this would of been the game I would have picked up early on, as it looks and reminds me of Hard Driving and Virtua Racing by the box art.

Look forward to plenty of good times to come with the new addition to my gaming collection.

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