Rebooteroids Now Available For Preorder

Pretty sure I played a version of Rebooteroids back in 2013 at the very first Play Expo Manchester I attended. You know, the one where I met Jeff minter for the first time and he hadn't yet taken out an injunction against me. It was on a white Jaguar squirrelled away in the retro gaming freeplay section and I distinctly remember being impressed by the silky smooth gameplay and pyrotechnic nature of the visuals.

Thinking back, it was almost like playing Geometry Wars...but not. And on a Jaguar. Was there a rotary controller too? My mind has been clouded by the subsequent years of alcohol abuse, but from what I remember it was quite good fun. in fact, below you'll find an image I've stolen from my own article from that very event. Wow...2013. Time flies, eh?
Recently, I learned that Rebooteroids - an Asteroids homage created by Jaguar homebrew development outfit Reboot - is almost ready to ship and preorders are being taken now over at Atari Age. According to the blurb, Rebooteroids has been in development for over 6 years but it's now ready to ship in early December 2016. The game promises a number of play modes and features, as detailed in the Atari Age post here:
  • One or two players
  • 100 unique levels!
  • Five gameplay modes (see below)!
  • Supports Jaguar gamepad and rotary controllers
  • Settings and high scores saved to cartridge
  • Share your high scores online with QR code!
  • Features original music by 505 and MSG / reservoir gods.
  • Customize controls for each player
  • Utility menu including Jagtopia, BJL Load, Cheats, and Jukebox
Rebooteroids also has five gameplay modes:

Arcade: The standard Rebooteroids game, featuring 100 pre-designed levels for you to fight through.
Co-op: As above, but Player 1 will control the movement of your ship, while Player 2 controls the shooting via a rotating gun turret fitted atop the ship.
Skirmish: Random levels of ever-increasing difficulty.
Skirmish co-op: As above, but with Player 1 controlling the movement, while Player 2 controls the shooting.
Kombateroids: A multi-player head-to-head battleground.

As stated, Rebooteroids is available to preorder over at Atari Age and costs $80 for a regular black cart version and $85 for a clear case version. It comes fully boxed with a colour printed manual too and looks like a really cool addition to the Jaguar's growing library. I won't lie  it's a bit of of my price range but from the comments on the forum plenty of Jaguar fans have snapped copies of Rebooteroids up.
Atari Age Oder Page
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