Nostalgia Nerd Tackles The Atari Jaguar Story

Well, this left me lost for words. I was a fan of Nostalgia Nerd's videos and channel anyway, but the recent retrospective investigation into the Atari Jaguar is mind blowing in its depth and quality of research. He also references my Club Drive article in the video description, so extra brownie points there! In all truth though, while there are many, many videos documenting the Jaguar on YouTube, many of them paint the system in an overly negative light whereas this one is almost completely neutral and recounts a lot of factual information intercut with advertisements, expo footage and clips taken from classic TV shows like Games Master and Bad Influence. Ah, Andy Crane and Violet Berlin...if ever a presenting duo need to be reunited for a brand new series of Bad Influence, it's those two.

Perhaps the most well-known Jaguar retrospective on YouTube is The Angry Video Game Nerd's take, which is almost completely negative in tone. Hilarious yes...factually accurate? Not so much. The section that claims the Jaguar CD is prone to breaking down if you so much as look at it has a lot to answer for; with even more people now incorrectly believing the thing is as fragile as a the paper crown from inside a particularly cheap Christmas cracker. Note: it isn't. Mine fell off a shelf and it still worked perfectly.

Anyway, enough from me - here's Nostalgia Nerd's video:

A couple of things I noticed in the video. At the 23 minute mark, some beta footage of Alien Vs Predator shows the player using a double barrelled shotgun (see image below). I personally have never seen this short snippet before and didn't know this particular weapon was ever in any build of the game...proof that you learn something every day!
Secondly, when he's discussing the Jaguar controller (11:20), it looks like the one he's using has had the wire cut off. Very bizarre...but thought it was worth mentioning for no reason in particular!

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  1. That version of AVP shown on the picture was dumped last year alongside another build of the game so you can try it now ;-)