Red Screen Of Death

Oddly, if you try to turn an Atari Jaguar on without having a cartridge inserted, the system will not power up. I'm guessing that the insertion of a cart completes a circuit or something, thus allowing power to surge through the console and illuminate your CRT screen with amazing 64-bit gaming awesomeness. Or something along those lines, anyway.

One of the more curious aspects of the console's design (apart from the almost unfinished look of the back of the console, complete with bare circuit boards for the SCART and Jag Link connector), is the total lack of a dust flap over the cartridge slot. Why, if the slot is so integral, does a dust flap not exist? One of the consequences of this design flaw is that sometimes, when you put a cart in, dust in the slot can result in a bad connection...and the dreaded Red Screen Of Death™

I'm sure every Jaguar owner has seen this on many, many occasions. The Jag roars, the logo appears...and then RSOD! Aaaaargh! Cue blowing in the cart and slot multiple times until the game loads up. Very annoying, but an integral part of being a Jag owner!


  1. An actual case where blowing on the cart is the thing to do! Crazy.

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