Atari Jaguar UK Preview Booklet

This is quite cool - it's a UK-specific preview booklet for the Jaguar. How do I know it's UK-specific? Because I'm a genius, that's how. I also have eyes, and I can see the £ signs on the pages, and the back cover lists all of the UK locations that a Jaguar could be purchased. Furthermore, I'm from the UK and in 1997 I bought a Jaguar controller from one of the stores listed.

It was the Silica store in Debenhams' Manchester branch, in case you wondered - incidentally the same place I got my first Dreamcast in November 1999, fact fans. Anyhow, thanks to Nathan from Every Bit Gaming for this booklet. There are some notable inclusions here, as page 6 features World Tour Racing when it was still known simply as 'F1-Racer,' and there's a preview of Mortal Kombat 3. I'm pretty sure that image isn't from a Jaguar build...but who knows (it isn't).
Lotta love for the Jag in Glasgow...
On page 4 you'll also find an interesting 'upcoming games' list with some intriguing entries: Gotcha!, Starlight Bowl A-Rama, and Highlander 3 chief amongst them. Scans of every one of the 8 pages are below and feel free to copy them for your own ends if you like, I literally don't care.

Click the little camera icon in the bottom left of the gallery and choose 'direct image link' for full screen images that can be saved.


  1. Yes. MK3 was complete and finished. Several people on the west coast have seen it, back in the day, on cart with label.

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