Rule The Jungle!

I always wondered why Atari never capitalised on the Jaguar name by advertising the system as some kind of powerful, sleek and deadly jungle predator. was called the Jaguar! It's become apparent that I must eat a massive, highly calorific slab of humble pie though, as it appears that somebody at Atari temporarily awoke from the semi-permanent brain fart that the entire management division was hit with in the late 1990s: advert involving the Jaguar (well, the Jaguar CD) in a jungle setting does infact exist. Thanks to Clint Thompson (@mindthreat on Twitter) for bringing this to my attention. The question remains though...why wasn't there more of this jungle-themed advertising? The potential for an amazing advertising campaign is unparalleled...even eclipsing SEGA's amazing 'Buoy' campaign. Erm...

On that bombshell, here's my own version of Jaguar hunting:

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