Jag Star

Before he was entertaining the masses in such highly acclaimed TV series as Gavin & Stacey and The Trip (which I think is absolutely brilliant and hilarious in equal measures), it seems that Rob Brydon was earning a living as a voice actor. He's obviously a very talented impersonator (his impersonation face off with Steve Coogan in the aforementioned The Trip is testament to that), but I'm guessing very few people know that Mr Brydon starred in an Atari Jaguar game:

Yep, the introduction sequence, menu screen and mission debrief voice-over in Battle Morph is done by Brydon...who seems to be effecting a Sean Connery-esque Scottish accent. At first, I thought it might be the same voice actor who portrays Carrington in Perfect Dark on the N64, but a quick look at the manual and in-game credits told me otherwise. Kind of reminds me of when I spotted a rather young David Walliams in the cut scenes of passable Dreamcast submarine shooter Deep Fighter. I guess all actors start somewhere, it's just a bit surreal when you discover that they starred in games of yesteryear!

EDIT: I was on Twitter the other night and Rob Brydon popped up doing one of his Q&A sessions...so I asked him about Battlemorph:

So there we are. Case closed. And kudos to Mr Brydon for replying to my rather blunt enquiry...although the bit about the studio being in a field only adds intrigue to the whole affair!

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