RetroCollect FM: Defending the Atari Jaguar

I'm pretty sure most people reading this either don't know or simply don't care, but I also lend my vocal talents to a fairly popular podcast by the name of RetroCollect FM. Going off the name, you'd be right in thinking it had something to do with the highly popular and well established site RetroCollect. It's the podcast...for RetroCollect - where Retro Gamers...Collect! Now we've got that cleared up, how about going there (or to iTunes and searching for RetroCollect) and downloading RetroCollect FM: Defending the Atari Jaguar? It's hosted by myself and co-host Katsu (the regular, more professional hosts weren't available), and special guest and all-round Atari expert Kieren 'Laird' Hawken. You'd be mad not to Do The Math on this one, my fellow Jag fans!

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