A Tale of Two Cybermorphs

It's not a commonly known fact, but there are two different versions of Cybermorph. The original version was released in 1993 and was a pack-in game with the Jaguar console, and it comes on a 2MB cartridge. On firing up the 1993 version of the game (you can tell which version you have by either looking at the date on the title screen or the date/serial number in the bottom right of the cartridge label), players are greeted by a short introductory sequence, 'morphing' title screen images and a pretty nice theme tune. The later 1994 cart however, features none of this - it literally goes from static title screen, to the level select and then straight to the game...all in total silence. Tellingly, the 1994 version of Cybermorph comes on a smaller 1MB cart, so this aesthetic detail was obviously cut to squeeze the game onto the smaller media.

The main game doesn't really differ - although there is apparently less speech in the later variant. I understand that the original version of the game is slightly rarer than the 1994 re-issue, but neither game is worth much so don't get too excited if you have the 93 iteration...just sit back and enjoy that menu music.

I've made a little video showing the minor differences between the two versions below:

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