Hover Strike Gameplay

Thought I'd put together a short video of some Hover Strike gameplay. Hover Strike is one of the better looking Jaguar games as it features a fully textured 3D world that's populated with polygonal enemies and structures. As you can see from the video, the frame rate stutters at times and the view from the cockpit is a bit narrow (and the external view is pretty useless, as shown briefly), but on the whole Hover Strike is a fairly decent shooter that reminds me a little bit of Tunnel B1 for the Saturn/PlayStation.

It would have been nice if the enemies were a little easier to hit (they tend to zoom in and out of the field of view, letting off cheap shots as they go), but once you get the hang of the slightly 'floaty' controls of the hovercraft it's fairly enjoyable.  There are plenty of missions, each with various objectives (mainly search and destroy) and the different planets all have their own terrains and colour palettes. Oh, and the music is really good too, even if there is only the one track! Enough from me though - here's some footage (apologies for the dodgy editing, I'm still getting to grips with iMovie!):

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