Penguins and a Blimp...?!

Chequered Flag is a polygonal racer in the vein of Virtua Racing that gets a fair old walloping whenever it's referred to. The frame rate is fairly low, granted, but it's a fun(ish) racer if you can get into it. I remember seeing this advert for Chequered Flag in a copy of American mag EGM back when I had my original Jaguar in the mid 90s. To be fair, it makes the game seem more impressive than it actually was...but then isn't that the point of advertising?!

Just as a side note, there are Penguins in Chequered Flag, but they don't actually do anything. If memory serves me, you could just drive through them and due to the weird aspect ratio bending that the game has, they look massive too. Not sure where the aforementioned blimp is though...

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