What's in a Name?

Seasoned Jaguar gamers and collectors will know exactly what 'Do The Math' means. Those not so au fait with Atari's (sort of) 64-bit swan song will probably be a bit confused. Basically, the whole 'Do The Math' slogan was an intrinsic component of Atari's advertising campaign for the Jaguar. Rightly or wrongly, Atari marketed the system as a 64-bit console, and used this impressive sounding tagline to draw comparisons with the 16- and 32-bit systems that were also available at the time. Somebody at Atari obviously equated more 'bits' with better games, and thought that the buying public would be swayed by this claim. Hence, the whole 'Do The Math' thing was born.

The campaign wasn't used in the UK as we refer to mathematics as 'maths' (note the 's' on the end there), and so it probably wouldn't have made much sense to a lot of people ("what, only one 'math'?!"), but you can see what the Atari hierarchy were getting at. Tsk, tsk...those ker-azy Americans!

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