Legion of the Undead

There is an RPG on the Jaguar by the name of Towers 2: Plight of the Stargazer. I've never played it, and I certainly won't be playing it any time soon unless the prices on eBay come down a bit (they won't, by the way), but it does look like a fairly interesting little game. The idea of a first person perspective RPG isn't an unfamiliar one in this age of Skyrim and Deus Ex, but back in the early 1990s, it was quite a unique vision, and that's why Towers 2 is so highly acclaimed. If you search Youtube for gameplay footage, you'll find videos showcasing a slightly clunky-looking adventure with pixellated visuals and a slow pace, but also one that builds on the feel of a fantasy world and the atmosphere that the genre encapsulates.

There was another such game in development at some point in the Jaguar's lifespan, and that game was called Legion of the Undead. Very little is known about the game, apart from that it was being made by Rebellion - those of Alien Vs Predator fame - and judging by this preview in Ultimate magazine in 1994, there's every chance it could have gone on to be another Jaguar must-have:

I guess we Jaguar owners will never know how good this game could have been, but I do get a vibe of Space Hulk from the screenshots. I read an interview somewhere in which one of the Rebellion developers stated that he still had the models for the Legions of the Undead character designs...sat on a shelf in his office...but for the life of me I can't recall where I read it! I read it here! Either way, what a cool thing to have on a shelf, gathering dust. Ho-hum.


  1. The interview is the one with Rebellion on Retro Video Gamer - http://www.retrovideogamer.co.uk/index.php?topic=2201.0

  2. Ah...thanks for the memory jog! Knew I'd read it online somewhere. Oh, and thanks for stopping by/commenting!

  3. Would be really cool to see them make this for PSVR now that Skyrim is out!

  4. I can update you on this:

    Game was totally rewritten, according to Jason Kingsley, Obe of Rebellion and no longer a Jaguar exclusive.

    Instead planned for a simultaneous release on PC,PS1 and Jaguar.

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