Videogames Hardware Handbook

If you live in the UK, there is only one widely available print magazine whose sole focus is retrogaming: the aptly titled Retro Gamer. Alongside the monthly publication (which is well worth buying, by the way), Retro Gamer occasionally release 'bookazines' like this:

That is the Videogames Hardware Handbook 2014 Edition. It's an invaluable tome of retrogaming information and features pretty much every major console that was released between 1977 and 1999 (although the Turbo Grafx and Neo Geo variants are missing), and it has a rather excellent section on the Atari Jaguar. Granted, it's pretty much the same as the article printed in the main magazine that was written by the highly knowledgeable Kieren Hawken, but it's a great write-up and that the Jag is featured in this updated version is a great bonus. I'm not going to put scans of the pages on here out of respect for the copyright owners and the author, but here are a few (blurry) shots of the kind of thing you can expect from this awesome item:

Naturally (as you can no doubt tell from the images above), there are other consoles featured too, and if you're a fan of retrogaming you won't want to miss this go buy it! It's only £9.99, and worth every single penny.

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