Troy Aikman NFL Football

I only bought Troy Aikman NFL Football because I'm addicted to buying Jaguar games - especially if they're selling for a reasonable amount. This cart was on eBay for £10 with free postage, so I thought 'what the hell' and nabbed it. Now, I know next to nothing about American football. Back when the N64 was in it's infancy and there were hardly any games for it, I spent my birthday money on Madden 64 just because there was nothing else to buy...and boy did I regret it - the game went back to the shop the same day and I think I traded it for NHL Breakaway (which was another US sport game, but ice hockey is a bit like proper football, so at least I could get some enjoyment from it!). So, to clarify: I have zero interest in the sport of American football, and have even less interest in the rules or any of the terminology...but here on the Jag it's a bit of a curio, and like I said it was £10.

To that end, there's not really a lot more I can say about Troy Aikman, as I really have no benchmark to rate it against. I don't really know what's going on when I play, but the graphics are decent for the time it was released and there's a good amount of digitised speech in the game. One thing I did notice was that the players all vanish off the field when you pause the game...and that alone should tell you how interested I was in Troy Aikman as an actual playing experience. I'll probably never play another NFL game in my life after this...but I thought I should at least include it here as it's another game in the Jag's tiny roster. Troy Aikman NFL Football: if you like NFL games, you'll probably enjoy it...and that's the most I can offer on the subject.

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