Hardware, Software, Jag-Ware!

Atari clearly imagined a mid-90s dystopia where the Jaguar was all powerful and swept aside pretenders to their gaming throne. Nintendo, Sega and the 3DO company could go to Hell as far as Atari were concerned. There was a problem with this ideology, however: once the Jaguar had destroyed (chewed up?) the competition and the only platform worth owning was a sleek, 64-Bit monster...what kind of apparel were gamers expected to wear as they ventured to their local game store to purchase Alien Vs Predator 2?

The answer: Jag-Ware. What is Jag-Ware? Well, that's an extremely good question...and one that can be answered very easily. Jag-Ware is a range of extremely cool, wearable and functional merchandise designed to make anyone - anyone - the single most badass dude/dudette on the planet. Well, their street. Or perhaps just in their bedroom. Here's a nice selection of the best Jag-Ware from a catalogue of the same name that could be ordered from Atari after they struck a deal with merch-maker Norscot Group, Inc. No, me neither.

What follows is a press release from the era:

CHICAGO — June 23, 1994 — Consumer Electronics Show — Atari Corporation announced today a new full-line gift catalog especially for Atari Jaguar gamers. The catalog, shown publicly for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Chicago, features nearly 20 popular consumer items fashionably adorned with the licensed Jaguar logo. The Atari Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit interactive multimedia home entertainment system and is the only system of its kind manufactured in the United States. The Jaguar has been awarded multiple awards for technical achievement, design and innovation.
Effective July 1, 1994, consumers throughout the world may order products exclusive to the new Jag-Ware collection. Items range in price as low as $2.95, but no item is more than $100 and include watches, T-Shirts, waist packs, caps and more. 
"We have been bombarded by Jaguar users asking for items they can wear or give as gifts with the Jaguar logo on it," explains Mr. Greg LaBrec, Director of Creative Services for Atari Corporation. "The traditional and new Atari consumer has fallen in love with the Jaguar and wants to show everyone that they've already moved up to the world of 64-bit entertainment technology."
Offering apparel and gift items is new for Atari and is a reflection of the growing popularity of the Jaguar system and Atari's commitment behind it. The items selected in the 8-page, full-color catalog have been carefully chosen by Atari with the advice of Norscot Group, Inc.; suppliers of Corporate namesake specialty catalogs for nearly a quarter century. Each item was chosen on merits of popularity, durability and practical application. All items are protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and typically shipped within 48 hours as long as they are in stock. 
The Jag-Ware catalog will be mailed to existing Jaguar owners registered with Atari Corporation within the next 120 days. Those wishing to obtain a copy sooner may request one by mail by writing: "JAG-WARE Catalog", Atari Corporation, P.O. Box 61657, Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1657. Catalogs will also be supplied with new Jaguar systems. Additionally, modem users will find text based copies of the catalog distributed in publications such as Atari Explorer Online and Silicon Times Report. 
Those wishing to place orders may call 800-653-3313 toll free. International orders accepted by calling 414-241-3313. Faxed orders accepted by dialing 414-241-4904. Orders may be mailed to: Norscot Group, Inc., 10510 North Port Washington Road, Mequon, WI 53092. Money Orders, MasterCard, Visa and American Express accepted. Dealers and Distributors should place their fall orders now. 

I'd personally love to get hold of some of the items featured in the catalogue but it appears that most of the stuff is now very rare and highly collectable. I'm not really in a position to splash hundreds of pounds and/or dollars on cups and pens with Jaguar logos printed on them...but if I ever come across any of this stuff for a reasonable price, I will be parting with my cash.

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