Project Cybermorpheus

OK, before I start this I just want to assure anyone reading that I'm not a PS4 basher. Neither am I an Xbox One hater. I'm a fanboy, yes - but I'm a fanboy for games in general. Of all types, colours and creeds on all systems from the past, present and the future. But the future ones, I cannot talk about without revealing my inter interdimensional time portal. Shit. Forget that last bit.

Right, lets get to the point. When the PS4 was revealed on that webcast event-a-thon a few years ago (Jesus...doesn't time fly?!), as soon as they showed footage of Drive Club I instantly thought of everyone's favourite Jaguar driving...thing. I was going to say 'racing game'...but Club Drive's not really a racing game (it's only just a game, to be honest) and I'm not in the business of libel. Fair enough, I thought - they've taken two totally unconnected words that just happen to constitute the name of a 1994 Atari Jaguar game that also features cars (of a fashion), and just rearranged the words and come up with magic. Fabulous. I can totally live with that. But fast forward to this very week and Sony announce Project Morpheus. And that's just a highly pretentious name for a virtual reality headset. A VR headset. Excuse me, but am I the only one seeing any connections here? I'll try to make it easier:

The PlayStation 4 is the Atari Jaguar reincarnated. There, I said it. I'll bet if you crack open a PS4 it's just 12 Jaguar PCBs sellotaped together. And that is totally fine by me! Now, if only they'd do a HD remake of Cybermorph. They could call it Cybermorpheus. Good GOD, I'm a freaking GENIUS!


Edit: After writing this, it was brought to my attention that the PS4's CPU is also codenamed 'Jaguar.' I rest my case.

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  1. Yes, I have seen pictures of the PS4 CPU with the word "Jaguar" clearly displayed. This is incredibly ironic, fascinating and homage to that great console we all love, the Jaguar!