AVGN Vs Atari Jaguar

I'm sure anyone with a passing interest in the Jag and Jag CD has already seen this video, but I thought I'd post it anyway. I'm a huge fan of James Rolfe's Angry Video Game Nerd series and Mike Matei's review videos, so I don't harbour any nonsensical hatred towards these guys...but I really didn't appreciate the general bashing they gave the Jag CD in this particular production. Fair play to them for giving the Jag CD it's own showcase...but why do they pick on such insignificant aspects of each game? For instance, Battlemorph is one of the best games on the Jag CD, yet rather than focus on the great controls and varied missions, all they do is bitch about the draw distance and the AI face that pops up whenever you crash into a mountain. Then, in Blue Lightning they simply bemoan the fact that you can blow trees up. No mention of the brilliant sprite scaling or high-quality FMV sequences. It's as if they had their minds set on destroying the system before they even turned the fucker on. Enough from me though - here's the vid.

As a footnote, James Rolfe did a previous two-part AVGN video on the Jaguar base system which was equally damning. I've posted it below, and it's quite funny - but again for a Jaguar fan it isn't really a nice experience. The video completely ignores some of the best games on the Jag, and instead opts to jump on the bandwagon of 'the Jag is shit' that most of the gaming media seems happy to promote. I wonder how many Jag naysayers have actually ever even played on one. Pfft.

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