Jaguar on the Prowl at London Anime Con 2014

London Anime & Gaming Con is but a few weeks away and I will be there as part of the RetroCollect contingent, spreading some retrogaming love and harmony around the place. Oh, and trying not to spend every last penny I have on cool Anime and gaming stuff. Of course, I jest - the real reason I'll be there, is that I shall be promoting and invigilating the various gaming challenges that gamers young (well, 18 and above) and old can try their hands at:

  • Trigger Heart Exelica on Dreamcast
  • Mario Kart 64 on Nintendo 64
  • Ikaruga on Gamecube

As well as these, there'll be the RetroCollect King Of Fighters tournament, the fabled Master System Challenge and also a Super Monkey Ball Monkey Target challenge.

All of those pale in significance though. The real showcase event is thus:

Yep - Tomleecee's Toilet Bowl Time Attack! Please bear in mind that I didn't come up with that catchy appears that not everyone appreciates the sleek lines of a Jaguar CD unit! So, what is this challenge? Well, it's a 3-lap time attack on the Germany track in Super Burnout!

I'm particularly excited to have this challenge on the RetroCollect stand as Super Burnout is definitely a game a lot of people have never played, and I'm interested to see the reaction people will have to the super-smooth scaling and cheek-flapping speed once the game gets up to full pace. Whenever I go to events and see a Jaguar on display, it's always got either Tempest 2000 or Iron Soldier slapped in it. I wanted to do my bit for the Jag community by showing off a slightly less well-known (yet mightily impressive) title for the 64-bit beast, and Super Burnout is an ideal game to do that.

London Anime & Gaming Con is being held at The Rocket Complex, London Metropolitan University on the 5th & 6th July 2014 and will be a corking event full of exhibitions and stalls, cosplayers and gaming events. For more information head to

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