Poking around on the internet is a bit of a hobby for me. Apart from running, collecting retrogaming items and writing guff like this, I tend to spend quite a bit of my free time looking for interesting websites and articles. Imagine my delight then, when I discovered this - The Museum of Obsolete Media. This may sound like the most boring website ever created, but to someone like me who loves to read up on the more unusual and forgotten technological endeavours of the past, it is like hitting the jackpot on the lottery. Well, maybe not that good...but it's a great site and full of interesting pages detailing pretty much every defunct media format you can think of.

I looked for Nintendo 64DD disks...they're listed. I looked for Dreamcast GD-Roms and they're listed too. Hell - I looked for Tefifon, an obscure German sound recording format, and yep - it's on there! Naturally, I also looked for anything documenting the Atari Jaguar's two formats, and while the Jaguar CD unit's proprietary CD format doesn't have an entry per se, it is mentioned in the Jaguar Cartridge page. I highly recommend paying this site a visit and filling your brain with tonnes of useless information on the forgotten, odd and strange media formats of yesteryear!

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